Monday, 5 July 2021


 Rugby is the best sport because you can make money, not to say that other sports make money, rugby is cool because you can injure people and step people. Now I'm gonna tell you about the first game. It was much later that the game played in Nelson on 14 May 1870 was officially recognised as the first  organised game of rugby in New Zealand. It was the first game officially recorded , which used the full rugby rules introduced by Monro, and also the oval ball the guy that made rugby his name is william webb Ellis his first game was in 1823 he played at School in Warwickshire there is 15 rugby teams thank you class 


  1. Hi Lee my name is Payton frome wesly intemnediate I injoyed your blog about rugby but I also think that you could improve no makeing your blogs and bit longer bye!

  2. Ki Ora Lee, My name is Sina and I am a student in Room 5 at Wesley Intermediate School. I liked how you researched a lot of Information like the names of Who was the Inventor of Rugby and telling us the Date and Year. In my opinion, I think your next steps are to put Capital letters at the beginning of a name and to maybe add pictures of the Game of Rugby and the English Inventor - William Webb Ellis.

    - Sina:) Blog you later!