Friday, 19 May 2017


It was raining hard. Outside   there were  puddles. I love puddles and it’s fun to jump  in the puddles.

Miss King said  to us, “Do you want  to go in the puddles?” It  was  a  surprise. We shouted “Yes!”   I got changed into my togs. i was in the line and then we ran in  bare feet  and dived in the puddles.

We slipped  into the water. We were happy and doing bombs and diving  in the water.  Osa and Brendon were having  a tea party in the water. We had fun.

TJ was cold and run back to class and got changed . Then Miss King was counting down from 20 because it was time to go. Just  before we left Mr Burt came and told as to do a tummy said.

We said to Miss King it was a good afternoon and we had fun

The End.

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